Meta App Installer on My Phone? Should I Uninstall It?

Are you using any Meta apps like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger? If yes, then your phone automatically installs the Meta App Installer service.

Meta App Installer is an app that keeps updated all the Meta apps. Auto updates are necessary for the latest features and security updates. If a Meta company is arranging a facility for its user then what’s wrong with it?

Is it safe or is it a virus? Is it spying on my phone’s data or location? Should I uninstall it or keep it on my phone? All these answers and much more, will be discussed in this article!

What is Meta App Installer?

Meta App Installer is a service app like Meta Services App and Meta App Manager, developed by Meta Company. These 3 apps are known as service apps of Meta that are normally pre-installed on the latest phones. Their major concern is to enable some key features for the Meta Apps. 

The latest features include a content library and API tools to support public interest research, AI or machine learning to improve user experiences, manage user privacy, and much more. With time, advanced features are coming that are automatically updated through these service apps. 

Services play a vital role in improving app quality. The main role is to enhance the efficiency of the app update installation, without the manual input of a user. In short, the meta installer simplifies the process of installing and managing Meta apps on a device.

Meta App Installer Android

Facebook Services are installed as an app on Android devices, and Meta Installer is one of them. Like other system apps like the IMS Service App and DocumentsUI, it runs in the background. Moreover, you would never find it running until you search it manually on device settings.

Device Settings or App Manager allows a user to change the app’s notifications. Usually, the app is hidden and a user has no concern about changing its settings. But, sometimes the app consumes unnecessary data and storage. In such cases, it’s better to change the settings.

In addition, on Android phones Meta installer app is trustworthy. Samsung, Vivo, Oppo, and other Android phones have a bundle of pre-installed apps like Facebook, Spotify, Instagram, Google Podcasts, Snapchat, and many more. All these apps are pre-installed because they are found helpful in a digital world. Some of these apps have service apps along with them.

Is Meta App Installer a Virus?

A question on the minds of many users revolves around the safety of Meta App Installer. If you think it is a virus or an unsafe app, it’s not like that at all. Instead, it’s a safe app that improves Meta apps productivity and helps in reducing app crashes. Moreover, instead of malware, it’s a security provider app that removes bugs with the latest updates. 

Meta App Installer Spyware My Phone Location?

Facebook automatically detects a user’s location when a device is connected to the internet. The purpose of location detection is to provide relevant content according to the user’s location. Hence, Meta says it’s for enabling some features for the Facebook app and won’t share any user or Device data. 

Phones come with installer packages already on them. These package apps are for the assistance of users. Sometimes it may cause battery and internet speed issues. If you are not feeling safe with Meta packages then you can disable or stop it. 

How to Uninstall Meta Installer on My Phone?

You have 2 options. Force stop and then disable it because you can’t delete the app. You can delete or uninstall the updates but are unable to remove the app. Once you disable it, after some time it will revert to the version that was pre-installed on your phone. Disabling and clearing the cache gives you some space back by temporary deletion of the updates and the data.

You can disable it from your App Manager. However, disabling can cause some issues. It would automatically open Facebook to log in again, the carrier pushed a re-enable message, and meta apps crashed or lagged. So, it’s not recommended to disable or remove it from the device. If you want to remove you can easily permanently uninstall it by ADB debugging

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Meta App Installer in Android?

It is a pre-installed app on Android phones of 5 or higher versions with a package com.facebook.system. It’s on a phone to enhance security, easy accessibility, and improve the quality of the overall meta product. 

What is Meta App Installer Used For?

It’s served as a service tool for Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp. All the apps are linked with each other and update automatically with the meta installer. It reduces crashes and improves the quality of apps. 

What is Meta App Installer and Manager?

Both Meta services have different roles. The first one provides the latest features along with privacy and security. The second one is for managing the Facebook app at the back end and executing various activities. 

Bringing It Together

In Conclusion, Meta App Installer is a built-in app on all the latest Android phones. Metaverse enhancing its technology day by day and keeps upgrading service apps. It’s not a spyware app on a phone, but a user-friendly app. Don’t remove it from a device until it causes some issues with your phone. For more interesting topics like Digital Wellbeing, Basic Dreams, and much more keep reading Techwiti. 

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