What is Chocoeukor on My Android Phone? (Fix Fonts)

Are you an Android user, especially Samsung, and found an app named ChocoEUkor on your phone? Is it consuming storage and battery? Why is it on your phone? Can you remove it? Let’s explain everything about it!

ChocoEUkor is a system app that is pre-installed on all Samsung phones. It runs in the background and sometimes consumes a lot of battery along with little phone storage. You can remove this app from the device, but, then you won’t change some specific fonts! Is it a safe app to remove or uninstall? Yes of course, but make sure don’t remove all the fonts.

There are many features of this app so it’s recommended to use such unique features. How does this app work and what you should do with this app? Can I switch to different fonts using this in-built app?

What is Chocoeukor?

Chocoeukor is a system font app that is usually available on Samsung devices. It provides a set of fonts and styles for non-native English users. English users can also use its fonts, but they look more stylish for Korean language users. If you are not a Samsung user then you may not find it in your phone. 

Chocoeukor is one of several fonts like Cooleukor, and Roseeukor, that Samsung has developed to customize the appearance or interface of phones. You can switch to any of the fonts. If a particular font attracts you then let it remain, and enjoy eye-catching font display. In case, this app is unavailable on your Android phone, try any third-party font app from the Play Store. 

Chocoeukor App Android Specifications

On Android phones, the ChocoEUkor app comes with a package name com.monotype.android.font.chococooky, which is specifically developed for changing the font. Most Samsung users like to use these common fonts including Arial, Times New Roman, Calibri, Helvetica, Verdana, and Tahoma. These fonts look formal, but some users love to change fonts into various styles. That is why Samsung provides its users with some unique and stylish fonts, and the Android Chocoeukor is one of them.

Chocoeukor App Features

The app is not limited to the Korean language, but English native users can utilize the features as well. Once you select the font from the app, you can read and write in that particular font. The font enhances the UI or user experience of your phone. Your friends would also love to see some unique fonts on the display. Isn’t it worth it? 

Of course yes, not only Korean but additional language users can also enhance the visual aesthetics experience. Not only texting but it’ll be applied throughout the user interface. Settings, apps, text, etc. all will display a particular font. Try these features and customize the appearance of your phone. 

Chocoeukor App Samsung Availability

Samsung smartphones having version 5.0 or higher OS can utilize this app and its features. Samsung is a Korean company, so Korean users have an extra edge in using the Korean language along with many fonts that are pre-installed for them. You can also remove it from your device if the app pushes notifications and updates. Removal of the app would not affect the phone.

Is Chocoeukor App a Malware or Virus?

No, Chocoeukor is not a bloatware or virus. Normally, Android users can’t find them under installed apps. However, only a few Samsung users find it in the installed app. It works as a system app and you may not be able to uninstall it without applying ADB Commands. Usually, the app doesn’t use storage and data so keep it in your apps. However, if the app does some unusual activity then it would not be safe on your phone. On my Samsung Phone, it’s not bothering me, no notification, never found it running in the background. All Good!

Chocoeukor App

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Chocoeukor App?

It’s a pre-install software on Samsung Android phones for unique fonts. Switch your default fonts into choco cooky fonts and use an amazing eye-catching display. Non-Samsung Android users download this app from any authentic external source. Make sure to download the latest version so it has more features.

How to Remove Chocoeukor?

In the first place, it’s not recommended to remove it from a device. It’s a secure app and consumes very little space or storage. Removal of the system app can cause errors in the other apps. Hence, simply disable the app and turn off notifications so it won’t disturb you anymore.

Bringing All Together

In Conclusion, chocoEUkor Android beneficial app for those who want different fonts instead of default fonts. This app and its features are only limited to Samsung users. Other Android users can use their built-in fonts, and also download from external sources. For more interesting apps like App Selector, Companion Device Manager, DQA Android, and many more keep reading info blogs on TechWiti

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