Are you getting a writing permission error from DocumentsUI? How to fix it? Can you re-install it? Is there an alternative to Documents UI?

DocumentsUI is a user-friendly Android system app. It acts as a file and document permissions manager for Android. It is necessary for your phone as it handles documents when sent to someone using different apps like WhatsApp. 

Any problem with this app can cause errors in sending and opening document files. Some users also use app alternatives, but is it safe? Can you easily install or uninstall? What more features does this app have? Let’s explore!

What is DocumentsUI on Android?

The DocumentsUI is a pre-installed app that ensures to access, edit, and manage all the documents on your phone. Its role is to access the permissions and read the documents that are saved in the memory. 

All the data is stored on the memory of a phone or SD card. The app accesses the location on the memory, reads available data, and manages it. Managing data involved in storing or sharing documents and files. If the app doesn’t run in the background some issues can be caused. 

Usually, an issue that comes across is permission denied. A message pops up that access is denied. Some document files that are saved on the memory card are unable to be accessed in some programs. Sometimes users have an issue with writing permission on memory or SD card.

What is

There are two package files of this app having names and These packages are found in the app settings. The app increases the privacy and security of the documents. Other apps are unable to collect data until a user allows it. Without the package files apps are unable to access the file manager. Simply, apps can’t save or read files and documents if you delete the packages. package was launched in Android 4.4. It acts as a file picker for apps and a default file manager app. Removing it from the device can create a lot of issues. Uninstalling might break the app, and apps wouldn’t be able to pick files from the file manager.

How to Fix DocumentUI Writing Permission?

When a user tries to download a document file it is saved on the phone’s storage. Before saving it on the phone requires Android storage permission. Once the permission is granted, the file is automatically saved on the device. But to send anyone through another app you need a DocumentUI file in your device. 

To fix you can download the latest version or an alternative. The app is updateable, as updates provide enhanced functionalities. It automatically handles document permissions. Once permission is granted, you can easily attach a file to an email or any other app. 

Is the documents UI a Virus or Malware?

The documents UI app is not a virus. It is an application or program of an Android phone. Instead of a bloatware, call it a file management assistant tool. It runs in the background and accesses the various storage locations. File copying, pasting, browsing, etc on internal and external storage is done by this tool. Hence, it’s not a virus but a user-friendly tool for Android users. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Alternatives to DocumentsUI App?

Some of the well-known alternatives of this app are MiXplorer, Fx file explorer, and Dir. These tools help you work comfortably with all the files and folders. To use the alternatives, a device must be rooted, otherwise, you would get several errors like FTP error or writing permission. 

How to Fix the Com.Android.Documentsui Issue?

If stops working then open it from the app manager. Tap on the app and clear its cache. Deletion of temporary files in the form of a cache is important because it causes errors. If the latest update is available then update the system and restart the device. 

Bringing It Together

In Conclusion, DocumentsUI means the document user interface. If the app is performing well in accessing, opening, managing, and sending doc files then the app is user-friendly. During modifications, it is unable to read and manage files and creates a notification “permission error” or “file broke”. In such cases, you can fix it by removing it and installing an alternative manager. in short, it is a very handy file picker, pre-installed on Android, and keeps running files in the best way.

If you have any questions regarding this doc app or any system app like the IMS Service App, Device Health Service, etc you can add a query in the comment section.