What is Configapk App on Phones? How to Disable it?

Are you curious about what ConfigAPK is for and why it’s pre-installed on my phone? Is it good if I Disable it? Is it Safe or a Virus?

Configapk is a system application on Android devices for the configuration of different files and packages. It’s normally found on all Android phones, especially Samsung. It is indirectly linked with APK packages and allows them to operate perfectly. 

Apps are built up with different packages. These packages are designed to operate apps and indirectly Android phones. It acts as a catalyst that enhances these package’s performance. Let’s find out what issues it can cause and how to fix them.

What is Configapk on Android?

To download Android apps you have to open Google Play Store. What if your required app is unable to download from there and you have to download from an external source? All app APK packages are available on external sources but cannot be installed until you have an app that properly configures the packages. These configurations are done by Config APK.

All the third-party apps, downloaded from external platforms, are installed properly with Config Android. This small about 16 KB app is specifically designed for Android mobile devices. A package named android.autoinstalls.config of this app can autoinstall many other apps. Isn’t good to hear about this its features! 

Configapk App Notifications and Permissions

The major feature of this app is the configuration of APK files. It handles configuration tasks during the installation and update of apps. It is a part of the Android Package OS and processes the smooth functioning of applications by managing configuration settings and data.

In the Android settings, you can manage its permissions and notifications. This app runs in the background, and may not be directly visible to users. It processes updates for other applications on the device. Its presence ensures that APK packages or third-party apps are configured and run efficiently.

Configapk Samsung Availability on Phones

On Samsung phones, the config APK app Samsung allows installing an APK pack installing an APK pack with the latest features. In Samsung devices, this app accesses all .apk extensions in the compressed file that is downloaded from any authentic source. Samsung installed the file, otherwise, without the config app this would not be possible. 

Configapk Samsung

You can easily check out this app on the device. Open the settings, click on App Manager, and search for this app. If it is not in the apps then open hidden apps. Tap on the app and change its permission accordingly. Moreover, you can adjust many other functions as well. 

Normally, it doesn’t affect the performance of Android devices, but some users used to complain about battery drainage due to this app. In this case, you can disable it or force stop. Disabling is temporary, and active once a device is rebooted. 

Is Configapk Spyware?

No, it’s not spyware because it is a system app. All the Google pre-installed apps are safe. Sometimes, some third-party apps or apks affect your device. External apps are not reliable, as these apps might have irrelevant coding and unsafe configurations that can be risky for your device. So, it’s better to stick with only Google Play Store apps that are safe for the mobile.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need Configapk?

Yes, it is required to operate the installation and uninstallation of many other apps. Its presence in your phone can accelerate the performance through quick installation. Most Androids higher than 5 OS versions have this app on their phones.

Can I Delete Configapk?

Yes, you can delete it through different methods i.e. Android Debug Bridge or any system app remover. It’s a system app, and its presence is effective for our device, so it’s not recommended to delete it from a device. You can take other steps like temporarily disable it or force stop for a while until your other tasks are done. 

What is Configapk App on Samsung Phone?

Config APK Android Samsung is an app available on the latest Samsung phones, that plays an important role in auto installation. Sometimes, it drains the battery and consumes network data but overall its performance is significant for your Samsung device. 

Bringing It Together

Let’s wrap up the topic of ConfigAPK. It is an excellent app for users who are addicted to installing different versions of apps from external sources. It’s a part of the operating system and doesn’t cause any kind of issues on the device. It’s not a malware or spyware. It’s a Google authentic app on the device. Deletion it from the device is not a good option. Let it run in the background along with other system apps like meta-services, carrier services, and many more. If you have any queries relevant to this topic you can add them into the comment section. 

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