Market Feedback Agent on Android (Fix Keep Stopping Issue)

Are you facing Market Feedback Agent keeps stopping while using various Android apps? If any app crashes then you might face notifications by Feedback Agent. How do you solve such problems?

Market Feedback Agent is a pre-installed app on the Android phones. It is linked to many other Android apps. Any problem in the app can cause a variety of errors and even crash many linked apps. So, the app should run smoothly on the phone. Let’s explore more about it!

What is Market Feedback Agent?

The Feedback App by Google has the package name is a system app that allows apps to ask you to review them. When you give the review it’ll be sent to Google for that particular app. For example, you can put a positive or negative review for using the app along with a rating, and send it to Google.

What is Market Feedback Agent

Google analyzes the review that is processed by the Feedback Agent App and keeps further checking the performance of a reviewed app. This app by Google is compatible with Android OS 5 and higher Versions. There is no specific icon on the home app, but it just works in the background and only be seen in the app manager installed apps.

Market Feedback Agent Android

Usually, the Android feedback agent is found on all Android phones, especially Samsung i.e. galaxy, S series, etc. On Android phones, the app can read information for various apps so send feedback to Google. In simple words, the app allows to send Google service configuration data, so the device remains up-to-date and working as well as possible.

Market Feedback Agent App Features

Your phone is pretty much dependent on the pre-installed apps. With these system apps, you may be able to use Google services or applications properly. For example, without services app like service framework, many apps won’t work and pop up errors. The market feedback app is one of them that keeps many applications working smoothly without manual settings. 

Manual settings are sometimes hard to adjust so pre-installed settings work well. Usually, issues like crashes, stopping, and hanging by the app are due to having not the latest update. Moreover, the app collects various types of data, including app usage patterns, device performance metrics, and user interactions, and sends it to Google for better feedback analysis. 

Is Market Feedback Agent a Virus?

No, it’s a system app found on most Android devices. It only consumes less than 1MB of storage. Sometimes, it pushes notifications which can be turned off from settings.  Anyhow, if you have concerns about privacy or data collection, you can disable or uninstall it through your device settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Market Feedback Agent on Android Phone?

Market Agent Feedback on an Android phone is a system app responsible for collecting feedback and usage data from users. All the collected data is transferred to Google to analyze the app on which feedback is given.

What is Market Feedback?

Market feedback refers to the opinions, suggestions, and comments provided by users regarding a product or service. In the context of Android phones, market feedback includes user responses, ratings, and reviews about apps, as well as data collected by system apps.

Bringing It Together

In Conclusion, Market Feedback Agent is an Android system app developed by Google similar to other apps like Google Partner Setup, Device Health Service, Android Shared Library, and many more. You don’t need to open it whenever you have to give reviews or feedback on various apps. Simply, comment and click on send. The feedback agent automatically detects and catalyzes the process.

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