What is Google Partner Setup App in Android? How to Fix It?

Google recently installed an app named Google Partner Setup, on all Android phones OS 8 and higher. What is it and how can it be removed? 

Google Partner Setup App is automatically installed on old devices up to OS 8, while new devices are coming up pre-installed. This is a compulsory app in the device to run Google Mobile Services (GMS) smoothly. 

It’s very annoying if a pop-up notification displays again and again “Google Partner Setup has stopped” on the screen. What to do now? Should I update it, try to fix it, or uninstall it? Before taking action, you must know that it is interconnected with many other apps. Interoperability would be affected without this app. So let’s explore it deeply!

Google Partner Setup Android

Google rolled out many system apps to improve the functionality of Android phones, and Google Partner Setup is among them. This app is interconnected with relevant Google products including Gmail, Drive, Photos, Maps, etc. It provides an extra advantage to keep running Google products smoothly. 

Google Partner Setup Android

Many Google apps interconnected with this app that keep on updating after a few months. After the release of an app, an app comes across with bugs and glitches. So it’s essential to supervise it with some other app. This Google setup technically covers up bugs and enables configuration in the settings. 

Some of the important configurations in the setting are related to Google account login on different websites and Google partner accounts. It enables syncing and support for managing the account without any malfunctioning. In short, it’s a gem app for Android users. 

Google Partner Setup App Issues

Some Android users consider this pre-installed app as bloatware because no authentic and explanatory information is provided by Google. This app’s insights show that it has permissions over many other apps, and hence has a hold over our personal information. 

Moreover, it collects data for the partners to display relevant ads when a person uses Google product apps. It also uses network data, consumes battery, causes slowdown after the updates, and is enabled again automatically. Is it true or not?

All these issues are not certainly true. Google provides comprehensive information on its services, and so does for Google Partner Setup App. This app is like a partner to its users because it facilitates users to run many apps like YouTube, Studio, Chrome, and many more faster and flawlessly. 

In addition, it doesn’t slow down a device and also doesn’t breach information. The only issue that it can cause is battery drainage if it is used for a longer time. If the user is having issues like battery drainage and data consumption then select the disable option. Force stop and disable are temporary and would be reactive automatically. 

Google Partner Setup App Issues

To get rid of this app you have to uninstall it permanently, which is only done by rooting or ADB a device. Anyhow, it’s not recommended to remove it permanently from a device. Install the latest update if it causing some issues. 

What is com.google.android.partnersetup on Android?

As we already mentioned, this partner setup is a system app. While com.google.android.partnersetup is known as this app’s package. This package helps to do instructed tasks by Google. It is integrated with the app so that all the function performs well. 

How to Install and Uninstall Google Android Partner Setup?

For the latest Android, there is no need to install it manually, as it would be pre-installed. Anyhow, if it’s not available on the device then download it from any authentic source. Turn it on in the device settings after installing it. 

Uninstall Google Android Partner Setup

In case, if you find this app not reliable then you can install it from your device by various methods. Go to the Play Store where you find an option to Uninstall it. You can also uninstall it by rooting mobile or ADB debugging. But, uninstalling is not recommended. It’s better to force stop or disable for some time if this app is causing issues. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Google Partner Setup on Android?

It’s an Android app developed by Google to interconnect many Google apps like YouTube, Chrome, Studio, Gmail, Drive, Calendar, and many more. When all Google products are linked together, you don’t need to sign in separately on all the products. This app is unable to be removed normally. It keeps your device up-to-date and saves from many bugs. 

Is Google Partner Setup is Virus or Safe?

Of course, it’s safe for your device. It’s a Google app that runs in the background to ensure the best user experience. It’s not a virus but just a secure app. Instead of trying to remove it from the device, update it from the Google Play Store for better functionality of this app. 

Is Google Partner App Setup Linked with GMS?

Yes, this app is linked with Google Mobile Services. GMS provides popular apps and cloud-based services to Android users. This app enhances the performance and functionality of GMS services. This app is officially available on the Play Store. You can download it and keep it updated.

Bringing It Together

Google Partner Setup for Android providing its services for the last decade. Now it is officially published in the App Store where OS 8 and above version users can download it. It runs in the background silently providing its services, but, sometimes a user has to experience an issue “Unfortunately Google Partner Setup Has Stopped”. To solve such issues reboot your Android device. For more interesting blogs keep following Techwiti, and learn technology. 

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