What is Applinker Android on My Phone? How to Fix It?

If you’re an Android user, you may have come across a hidden app known as Applinker. What is it, and why is it in my App Manager? Is it harmful or not?

Have you ever noticed clicking a link on Chrome redirects you to WhatsApp? In the same way, you might have an experience of a link opening from a website to an app. This is done by App Linker, which is a pre-installed Android system app. 

Today, we’re going to explore more about this Android app. What issues does it cause if it is deleted from a device? Is it safe when we are using any financial app? Let’s find it out!

What is Applinker for Android Devices?

The Applinker Android is a system app like meta-services, Dirac control, etc. It has a unique feature that allows redirection of links from a website to a particular app. Moreover, it also redirects to web pages from other apps. In simple, it’s a connection between two different platforms. 

A smooth and seamless connection at both ends is catalyzed by Android Applinker. With a single click, you’ll be shifted to the other app. Use this app, and redirected to the first web page on clicking back. This complete process is functional and boosted by this system app.

What is com.sec.android.app.applinker?

Com.sec.android.app is known as packages. In Android phones there are multiple apps, and each app is formulated with various coding, resources, and collective units. All these segments are organized through packages. Hence, this package is essential in the development of the linker app. 

Moreover, without these packages your app is incomplete. This applinker’s package name has a unique ID which is followed by com.sec.android.app. Its main function is to provide an excellent experience to Android users when they want to switch from one platform to another with an app link. 

Applink Permissions and Features

In the App Manager, you’ll easily find this app. Click to open and here you see a permission segment. In this section, you can alter permission access for various apps. Deactivate all apps that are needed to be secure like financial apps. In this way when you click a link your financial app automatically won’t open. 

In addition, this app has an extensive list of features, some of important are the following:

  • It detects the specific app for a particular link
  • Only permission-granted apps would be opened
  • It redirects from one app to another
  • It also redirects from the app to web pages
  • Boost the efficiency of redirection 
  • It doesn’t consume much CPU, RAM, and Storage

The Applinker Samsung Permission 

This app is also available on Samsung devices. Android 9 or higher OS versions are required to install this app manually on the devices. It uses data and storage of a device. So it’s better to let it be used for the bravo experience. Moreover, you can also disable phone and storage permissions in the settings. 

Delete Applinker Imegiatelly Only If?

Many Android users claim this app drains battery and deals with many other issues. They also think that it acts as malware in their phone, and consider it not safe. It has also access to phones that may modify many settings and delete our valuable content. Please don’t think like this!

This system app was developed by Samsung and is 100% safe on your device. It’s one of the finest apps on your device that enables the soft run of all the external links. It automatically detects at which app you have to go with a particular link. 

Remove this app from your device only if your device facing some hard issues with this app. Open this app and check all the data available there. If it consumes too much battery, utilizes much storage, and causes hanging problems then you should force stop in the first place. Temporarily disable it but if the issue keeps going then delete it from your device. 

How to Delete or Uninstall Applinker from a Device?

In the first place, it’s not recommended to remove this app from a device as it navigates the links and helps to reach a specific destination. Anyhow, if you make your decision to remove it then you have two methods; ADB Debugging and System App Remover. 

System app remover is an easy method for Android users. Simply, install the app Remover and remove it from a device. While ADB needs some extra effort and is only recommended for developers. Debug your device with a PC, activate developer mode, apply commands, and restart your device. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Download Applinker for Android?

Yes, you download it on sa. Make sure you are using OS 9 or a higher version. Moreover, you can also download it from any other authentic website. If the third-party app doesn’t run well then it’s better to delete it, otherwise, it may cause other issues. 

How to Fix Issues Caused by Applinker?

Normally this system app doesn’t cause issues. It only uses phone storage, drains the battery, and lags mobile if many links opened at the same time. Otherwise, it works smoothly and gives a better experience to Android users.

Is Applinker App a Virus?

No, it’s not a malware or a virus. It doesn’t breach your data or information. Instead of an internal app, it helps in saving our time. Most issues are caused by spammy links. It is suggested that don’t open spammy links. 

Bringing It Together

In Conclusion, Appinker is an Android app that assists a device to open a link’s relevant platform. This app works just like deep link and holds an excellent grip on link redirection. Redirection to specific pages saves a lot of user time. Moreover, it’s a save app, and there’s no need to uninstall it from your device.

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