11 Best Offline Games for Airplane Mode

During a long journey, in the absence of Wifi, you can entertain the mind only with the best offline games on the airplane, which provide you captivating experience and mitigate your boredom during a long flight. 

Around 3.781 billion passengers traveled by airplane in the last year, according to a Statista report. Airplane mode is necessary during flight so that signals don’t interfere with critical aircraft instruments. Therefore, let’s have fun while disconnected from the online world. 

During day flights you can enjoy panorama views, but in the dark and above the clouds, only airplane mode games offer a chance for entertainment. Among thousands of games without wifi, only fewer are the best enjoyable games.

The choice is yours! Some like adventure games, some are fond of puzzle games, and runner games, while few are brilliant in logic games. We’re going to enlist different genres, with their pros and cons. Select any offline game that can be your trusty companion during your flights.

11 Best Games For Airplane Mode

Airplane mode is somehow exhausting for mobile users because it turns off all wireless communications on your cell phone. Don’t worry at all! Now you can get entertained with free offline Android games. Take some sleep, charge your phone, and play again.

There are so many free games without wifi or the internet, but our main focus is on the amazing offline games that keep you delightful during travel. 

We’ve summarized the 11 Best Free Games For Airplane Mode which are playable during your whole flight. For your ease in selection, we’ve separated airplane mode games into 4 sections.

All the free games for airplane mode are downloadable on Android and iOS platforms. Let’s have an overview of each game, so you would be able to choose easily.


Candy Crush Saga
Angry Birds


Subway Surfer
Temple Runner
Jetpack Joyride


Mine Craft
Fruit Ninja


Word Connect

1. Sudoku

The sudoku puzzle game, which originated in Japan, is a brain testing and time passing that revolves around numbers and logic. That airplane mode game makes the mind concerned only about the game, and time flies just like seconds. It poses challenges that require a blend of reasoning, which is definitely a mind challenge.

Sudoku Airplane Mode Puzzle Game

Sudoku is typically played on a 9×9 grid divided into nine 3×3 sub grids(also called “boxes” or “regions”). Easy to play i.e. fill in the grid’s empty cells with digits from 1 to 9, gradually complete the grid, and continue placing numbers one by one. 

In addition, individuals of all ages can play this game, because it has varying difficulty levels. Hence, beginners progress gradually and level up towards complex grids. Here we go! Enjoy the challenge, and successfully complete Sudoku puzzles in airplane mode!

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  • Mental exercise that keeps your mind active
  • Pass the flight time and challenge your brain
  • From young children to seniors enjoy puzzle-solving
  • Choose a variety of difficulty levels


  • Feelings of impatience to win 
  • The opponent can’t be your friend

2. Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga, developed by King in 2012, the most popular mobile puzzle game having over 30 million positive reviews is among the best airplane mode games. You probably can’t feel bored while playing it for 100 years! 

Candy Crush Saga Puzzle Game for Airplane Mode

Slide any candy, match 3 or more same candies to get points, and progress through the game’s levels. Progress at each level depends on specific objectives and points you need to gain. Your higher level will be updated on Facebook when you have internet access. 

Match 4 candies to clear a row or a column, and match 5 candies to explode and clear the surrounding area. Believe me, making such smart moves is a hell of entertainment! 

On the long flight, Candy Crush Saga King will put you to sleep due to its features. Numerous levels across various worlds, each with its own unique challenges and aesthetics. Enjoy the journey!


  • Colorful graphics, charming animations, and sound effects
  • Release every week new levels 
  • Social interaction with Facebook Friends
  • Short levels and have a break time


  • Boosters, lives, and other items are paid
  • Spending more time due to addictive puzzle game

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3. Angry Birds

Angry Birds game, developed by Rovio Entertainment in 2009, is one of the earliest physics-based puzzle games for iOS and Android mobiles. Angry bird characters have endearing shapes with unique premises. Believe me, it’s one of the best oldest games which players love to play in airplane mode during a trip. 

Angry Birds Game Offline

Oh, wait wait! Don’t ever think that it is very difficult to play. Just take your aim, and hit the targeted green pigs. You will be a winner when all the pigs and their shelters are destroyed. To progress through the game’s levels keep hitting the pigs with colorful angry birds. 

Moreover, according to the Android Play Store, over five billion downloads were completed in 2022, and still growing. Don’t think more, about whether to play it in the airplane or not, download it. If you completed 1 season then download Angry Birds Universe Season or Angry Birds Space. 

Angry Bird’s offline game has proven that games can be more than just entertainment. Download it free of cost on your mobile or tablet and play it for hours in the calmness of airplane mode without wifi. 


  • Interesting character design and colorful gr graphics
  • New levels and challenges on a weekly basis
  • Compete with friends and share achievements
  • A way to relieve stress during flight


  • Can’t go next level if stuck on a particular level
  • For power-ups and extra lives in-app purchases

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4. Subway Surfer

Subway Surfers, developed by Kiloo and SYBO Games in 2012, is an endless runner game. It offers players a fantastic experience from a slower pace to a higher one. Players play by navigating the urban landscape, dodging obstacles, and collecting rewards in the form of coins. Run until the inspector catches you!

Subway Surfer Runner Game

In the subway game, players must swipe right, left, and up to jump and down to pass under the obstacles quickly to avoid obstacles such as trains, barricades, and tunnels on the subway track. Collect coins, power-ups, and keys to unlock new characters, hoverboards, and other bonuses.

Moreover, once the speed gets higher it is easier to control. At a fast pace, the chances of hitting obstacles are higger. That’s why a player must have a lot of hoverboards. 

Believe me, during the journey, this amazing game on a plane never gives you fatigue. You’ll definitely enjoy it until you reach your destination. 


  • Leaderboards and challenges foster achievements
  • New updates weekly basis with amazing challenges
  • Play without internet access in airplane mode
  • Download free of cost on iOS and Android 


  • Hard to handle on high-speed
  • Limited power-ups and hoverboards

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5. Temple Run

Temple Run, developed Imangi Studios in 2011, having over half a billion downloads. This is one of the most fascinating runner games of the last decade. Run until you fall from a wall! This game makes you master swiping right, left, up, and down to leap over obstacles. That’s the only way to survive!

Temple Run Game

Temple run game is very adventurous as it makes you stronger when running away from monsters of the temple. That’s how you’ll be more focused and delighted during a long flight. 

Temple Run 2, 3, and so on are very easy and smooth to play on mobile devices without cellular data. The runner has magnetic powers that attract coins or wings that grant brief moments of flight. Sometimes a runner pushes risky slides and gets rewarded with more coins. 

In short, this free offline game is exquisite for the games you can play in airplane mode. This offline gameplay allows players to embark on thrilling adventures without the need for an internet connection.


  • Enjoyable for players of all ages
  • Short play sessions are good for entertainment
  • Play offline on airlane mode any time
  • Download free of cost on iOS and Android 


  • Repetitive scenes for players with the same track
  • Very easy game for expert gamers

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6. Jetpack Joyride

Jetpack Joyride, developed by Halfbrick Studios in 2011, the latest version was released in 2022 i.e. Jetpack Joyride 2. This endless runner game takes players on a thrilling journey while sitting on the seat of an airplane. Due to its popularity, it gained over 100 million downloads with an amazing rating of 4.6 on the Google Play Store. 

Jetpack Joyride Game Offline

Jetpack joyride game playing is like a piece of cake, by simply jumping, descending with rollover, having some right and left flips, and sometimes taking some flights in the air. During run encounter power-up, get machine gun jetpack, take vehicles, and use gravity suit to flip upside down. Believe it that game on airplane mode drives your motivation to the next level. 

Playing this interesting offline game makes your day. Beginners’ can also play it very smoothly. Moreover, completing missions earns you rewards, and progress toward unlocking new items

It is playable on all the iOS and Android devices smoothly i.e. mobile and all tablets. 


  • Retry instantly again to score more
  • Play more sessions in a limited time
  • Keeps engaged in airplane mode for a long time
  • The mind works faster after playing


  • Progression depends on completing missions
  • Very easy game for expert gamers

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7. Minecraft

Minecraft game, developed by Mojang Studios in 2011, is one of the most-played adventure games of this decade. It is playable even in airplane mode, where you can construct anything from blocks as imagination knows no bounds.

Minecraft an Adventure Game

Try from simple structures and move on where your imagination takes you i.e. simple cottages to towering castles, simple redstone contraptions to sprawling cities.

In addition, there are over 150 types of blocks, and each time you start a new game or create a new world, the terrain, biomes, structures, and resources with these blocks. 

Moreover, free Minecraft offers two main game modes, which are Survival and Creative. In Survival mode, players should collect accessible resources, and build defense to survive against the mobs. In Creative mode, players have unlimited resources and can focus on building without the need to gather materials.

Minecraft features a wide range of biomes, each with its own unique environmental features, resources, and ambiance. All these features are available on offline airplane mode, just select multiplayer mode and enjoy the game with your trip fellow.


  • Evolving  updates and new features 
  • Increase imagination and intellectual power
  • Profound thinking on airplane mode for a long time
  • The mind works faster while playing


  • Require latest mobiles with quality system
  • Uses a lot of mobile battery

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8. Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja, developed by Halfbrick Studios in 2010, is one of the innovative and popular games with a fantastic landscape of mobile gaming. You may slice fruits into pieces at home, but this is the only way as in this game! 

Fruit Ninja Adventure Game

Fruit Ninja game offers a surprising amount of variety. Different game modes have diverse challenges, from slicing fruit in mid-air to avoiding certain fruit types altogether. On slicing wrong fruits your points will be deducted. 

Moreover, this game favors for who haven’t internet access or wifi. Hence, install this offline game free on your mobile and play for hours. The more you play more it will fascinate you. It engages in “one more round” syndrome, leading to longer play sessions and increased engagement.


  • High-score chasing keeps engaging players 
  • Straightforward mechanics and colorful visuals
  • Provide a sense of stress relief
  • Various modes Classic, Arcade, and Zen


  • Visual fatigue during extended play sessions
  • Scratches on the mobile protector

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9. Limbo

Limbo, initially developed by Playdead Studios in 2010 then due to its popularity now available on iOS and Android, is one of the top-rated adventure games for airplane mode. In the black background, it has haunting visuals with an ambient soundtrack. Move slowly and explore the shadows of the uncertainty of the game.

Limbo Adventure Game

You have to control a young boy walking in a treacherous world. Interact with objects and environmental elements, push boxes, pull levers, or manipulate different mechanisms to win this adventurous puzzle game. Moreover, you also face complex challenges requiring logical thinking and observation.

In the Limbo game, avoid hazards i.e. pitfalls and spikes to hostile creatures. 

Take time to explore the environment and observe the visual cues. Moreover, background music also shows some hints about upcoming puzzles or hazards. People enjoy this game because of its captivating minimalist storytelling and atmospheric design.

In addition, this game is available on all kinds of platforms, i.e. iOS, Android, and Xbox360 in HD quality with an amazing visual background. 


  • Immersive sound design provides an emotional experience
  • Physics-based interactions with objects and environments
  • Pro game for players looking for a focused experience.
  • Players think outside the box to progress


  • Players might feel lost or uncertain about what to do next
  • The game’s tone and themes are too dark or melancholic

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10. Chess

Chess, invented by commander Han Xin around 200 BC, is one of the most played games for centuries. In this digital world, you can play chess online with your friends and offline chess with a computer. This two-player board game is a battle of wits, where every move is a calculated step toward victory or defeat.

Chess Game Offline

A chess game is a symphony of 64 squares, each piece has a distinctive character with its own movement and purpose. Characters consist of 1 king, 1 queen, 2 bishops, 2 knights, 2 rooks, and 8 pawns which are 16 pieces on each side. You can select any color, black or white. 

This game’s objective is clear that is to checkmate the opponent’s king; capture it and make it unable to escape. It is not just the best airplane-mode game, but also a tool for cognitive development. Hours will be passed if you think hard on the moves during playing. 


  • Encourages players to think creatively
  • It cultivates analytical skills
  • Player copes with setbacks
  • Players think outside the box to win


  • Players might feel bored when waiting for an opponent to move
  • Prolonged focus can be mental energy draining

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11. Word Connect

Word Connect, is an amazing mind-training game. In the past few years, players have gotten more focused on playing challenging games to improve strategic thinking. This is not just an addictive gameplay, but a way to nurture vocabulary growth.

Word Connect Game Offline a Logic Game

Word Connect game is played on the basis of connecting small to complex words. Some words connected quickly while others require a keen eye. Experiment with various word combinations to uncover hidden gems. These gems are used when you strike or fail to make a word. 

Moreover, as players progress through increasingly challenging levels, they experience an enhancement in English vocabulary. It can be easily played in airplane mode because all the features are installed in it, and there is no need for internet access or wifi. This game is going for you great fun during the flight. 


  • Vocabulary expansion on a daily basis
  • It increases pattern recognition and problem-solving
  • Accessible to players of various ages
  • It serves as a stress-relieving activity


  • Too much time-consuming when struck
  • Sometimes boring when playing the easy level

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Can I Play Games in Airplane Mode?

Yes, you can play certain games on airplane mode. Many games don’t require an active internet connection to play. 

Q2: What Types of Games Can I Play on Airplane Mode?

You can play offline games on airplane mode that don’t rely on an internet connection to function. Most single-player games, including puzzles, adventure, racing, and simulation games, can be played without internet access.

Q3: Can I Download Games While in Airplane Mode?

No, you cannot download games while in airplane mode. Airplane mode turns off your device’s Wi-Fi and cellular connections, preventing any downloads or updates from occurring. You must download it before going into the airplane.

Q4: Can I Switch to Airplane Mode after Launching a Game?

Yes, you can activate airplane mode after launching a game that doesn’t require an internet connection. Once the game is running, turning on airplane mode will not affect your gameplay.

Q5: How Can I know if a Game Can be Played Offline on Airplane Mode?

Read the game’s description in the app store to see if it mentions offline play or playing without an internet connection. Additionally, you can read user reviews or visit the game’s official website for information on its offline capabilities.

Bringing It Together

In summary, we’ve some remarkable suggestions for traveling people. In this journey, disconnect from the online stuff and reconnect with the childhood experience. Let these games refresh your mind, and release stress while playing games on airplane mode.

Moreover, the gaming market is estimated to be worth over $90 billion in 2020, and it’s growing day by day. Believe us, this is just real joy for the people during their long journey of day flight.  

These amazing games i.e. Subway Surfer, 8 Ball Poll, Minecraft, Chess, etc., which are offline games provide an environment that is interruption-free from notifications or online interactions.

I hope, your journey will be awesome. Play in airplane mode and become a pro in your long hours of flight. 

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